Once you graduate from high school with CHOICE coursework and certifications, you can decide to continue studying at a college or specialized training institute, or you can enter into the workforce right away.

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Straight to Work

The certifications you earn through the CHOICE program are nationally recognized, so employers know that your skills match the standards they are looking for. Because of this, you will qualify for better-paying jobs than if you had just a standard diploma.

Full-time Student

If you choose to continue studying full-time, the experience you've had with the rigor of the CHOICE classes will help you tackle even some of the hardest classes. Many of the CHOICE classes actually earn you college credit - so you'll be ahead of schedule and will save money on tuition costs.

Work Through School

Some CHOICE graduates choose to work their way through advanced schooling, using the skills they've learned in the CHOICE program to gain part-time employment while they study. Why take minimum wage if you can earn more through your CHOICE training? You'll gain valuable job experience, too!

It's Your CHOICE!

No matter what you decide to do after high school, the skills you learn and the certificates you earn through the CHOICE program will help make your dreams become reality.





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