Message from the CHOICE Institutes Director

Program Director, Career and Technical EducationCareer and Technical Education is necessary for the future of our national economy.   As we prepare our Okaloosa students to face the challenges of the future, we have an obligation to give them the skills they need to be successful in a world economy.   Our world has changed dramatically and continues to change faster than any of us ever imagined.  

The Okaloosa School District has been on the cutting edge of Career and Technical Education for several years and has been a model for school districts throughout the state.   The CHOICE program allows our students to earn nationally recognized industry certifications, college credit, and high school credit all at the same time without any cost to our students.

I would like to invite you to become involved with any of our Career and Technical programs in the Okaloosa School District and experience world-class 21st century career training from a world-class instructional staff.    Our staff, Patti Bonezzi, Nancy Takacs, and I stand ready to assist you with any questions you may have.  

CHOICE InstitutesMary Beth Jackson
CHOICE Institutes
Program Director, Career and Technical Education
Okaloosa County School District
Fort Walton Beach, Florida









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