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You don't have to be a computer geek to love the IT Institute, but beware - you might become one!

Every day innovations in technology change our world. Computers and the Internet are revolutionizing every aspect of our lives. From autonomous robot cars to cloud application servers, we are using technology to improve the way we live. In the IT institute, students learn how to implement the newest technologies while using industry standard equipment and applications.

Applied Cybersecurity

The Applied Cybersecurity program is a hands-on program of study that will prepare students for entry-level employment as Information Security Technicians. The Applied Cybersecurity
program focuses on providing a well-rounded and solid foundation for entry into this exciting and growing career field.

Industry certification students can earn: 

Schools that offer Applied Cybersecurity:

Program of Study - Applied Cybersecurity

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Digital Media Technology

Digital Media TechnologyThe Digital Media Technology Program places emphasis on studies to develop skills in digital media authoring, production, presentation and distribution. Students will gain skills using digital cameras and video production equipment. Students obtain practical experience in the creation of digital video productions, animation, and interactive multimedia authoring.

Industry certification students can earn: 

Schools that offer Digital Media Technology:

Program of Study - Digital Media Technology

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.NET Application Development and Programming

Digital Media TechnologyThe .NET Application Development and Programming program is designed to prepare students for employment as an Information Technology Assistant, Computer Programmer Assistant, Computer Programmer, and .NET Programmer and to provide supplemental training for persons previously or currently employed in any of these occupations.

This program offers a wide array of knowledge and skills to prepare students for employment in .NET Programmer positions. The content includes, SQL Server, C#, and other related .NET framework technologies.

Industry certification students can earn: 

Schools that offer .NET Application Development and Programming:

Program of Study - .NET Application Development and Programming

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Network Support Services

Digital Media TechnologyThe Network Support Services program teaches students how to configure, maintain and troubleshoot all models of routers and switches, both wired and wireless. It also includes virtualization concepts. Students also learn how to design a company network and implement the design. There is a hands-on lab in the classroom where students can work with actual networks including all types of routers and switches, cabling, monitoring software and security.

Industry certification students can earn: 

Schools that offer Networking Support Services:

Program of Study - Network Support Services

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Web Development

Digital Media TechnologyIn the Web Development program, students focus on an ever-changing world of Web technologies where they explore the Adobe Creative Suite software and learn hand-coding Web sites.  This program provides advanced concepts used in interface design and includes principles of Human Computer Interface (HCI), advanced page design using Cascading Style Sheets (CSS), HTML5 commands, multimedia applications, Internet/Intranet tools, and Web site promotion.  Individual and group projects are assigned and involve the creation of “real world” interactive Web sites.  If students are considering Web design as a career choice or if looking to create their own Web site, this program will get them started.

Industry certification students can earn: 

Schools that offer Web Development:

Program of Study - Web Development

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