Success Stories

The CHOICE program has had many success stories over the years. The success stories below are a reflection of the quality of the CHOICE programs and the commitment and dedication of our faculty and staff.

Intro to IT Program – Bruner Middle School, May 2013

Mrs. Cook,

I just wanted to thank you for recognizing the students that had earned their Web design certifications today at the pep rally.

Of all her accomplishments, Tyla is most proud and excited about the technology.

Thank you for pushing both of my it takes a village!!!

Natoya Scott
OCSD Staffing Specialist

Welding Program – CHOICE High School & Technical Center—Glen Arne, April 2013

Being as it was that I got the opportunity to be one of the first high school students to attend the daytime welding program in the fall of 2010, I have seen firsthand the growth and success of the daytime welding program from the beginning.  After completion and graduation from high school, I attended one semester at Auburn University.  At the end of the first semester I made the decision to return to Choice Technical to complete my schooling in the welding department as a full-time daytime adult student, which I completed at the end of the fall 2012 semester.

This program gives individuals the opportunity to excel in a hands on environment at their own pace with the exception of book work. My instructor, Glen Arne, goes above and beyond when it comes to his dedication towards us students. Following my completion of the course, he was able to get me several tests for companies to ensure that I would have a job when I completed my schooling.

For anyone wanting to broaden their skill level in a new trade, I would highly recommend getting involved with the daytime welding program at Choice Technical Center.

-Connor O'Brien-

CHOICE High School & Technical Center—Commercial Arts—Jill Frakes, April 2013

You are probably aware of how invaluable your art program is, but I'm not sure that you really know to what extent. Given that my duration there was one of the first few years of the program, I don't know how many students you actually get coming back to tell you about their success stories, so I want to give you mine. Let me make this really clear: throughout my career thus far, it has continually humbled me to think that where I am today, I owe almost entirely to the Creative Arts Institute.

I would, in fact, argue that with the education I received at CHOICE, I almost didn't need a degree. Of course, I wouldn't want to tell this to High School students, because unfortunately degrees are so meaninglessly entwined in hiring requirements that they still need to be gotten -if only for that single purpose.

With no degree, I was given my foot in the door by a government contracting company who hired me as a graphic artist due to my portfolio, which was made with skills that I learned from your program. They could not have been happier with my expertise and I continually got raving reviews.

Sarah McNulty


NHS—Engineering—Ben Shuman, April 2013

The IDEAS engineering competition was held yesterday.

We took 1st, 3rd, and 4th place in bridge building.  Students had to build a bridge to span 20 inches and weigh 250 grams or less using only popsicle sticks and Elmer's wood glue.  Our winning bridge held 919 lbs (yes pounds!) before catastrophically failing

We took 5th and 6th place in mousetrap cars.  Car could not exceed 10 inches in length, maximum wheel diameter was 3 in, and could only be powered by unmodified mousetrap.  As part of a classroom assignment, I further required our students to only use Lego parts.  Our cars traveled 76 and 72 feet.  The only cars to travel further had special rigs using flywheels and special bearings to reduce friction that our guys didn't have access to.  Every judge who saw the cars stopped and commented that in 16 years of competition, this was something new.


NHS—Networking & Programming, April 2013

(One of our great success stories - John could be a CHOICE IT poster child.  Lackluster in general studies and never considered college, but found interest and relevance in the IT building!)

Hi Everyone,

I wanted to thank you for being a reference in my recent job application. I was just contacted by UF and told I got the job! I'll be working in the Cancer & Genetics Complex, (specifically the ICBR doing work supporting their hardware and software infrastructure.

I really appreciate your help! I couldn't have gotten the job without you.

Thanks Again,
John Jacquay


CRESTVIEW HIGH SCHOOL—Allied Health—Hazel Holmes, April 2013

I am pleased to announce that Emily Ward earned 2nd Place in the Medical Spelling competition at the Florida HOSA State Competition last week. She has earned the right to advance to HOSA National Competition in Nashville this summer.  Congratulations Emily!


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