CHOICE is a unique program that allows you to earn high school credit, college credit and industry certification, all at the same time.

Why CHOICECHOICE programs are rigorous enough to prepare you for college, yet give you the real skills that Florida employers are looking for. Your coursework isn't only theoretical: it's also includes hands-on, practical skills for the real world.

CHOICE offers a variety of programs at different high schools around the county. You can choose from a wide variety of career options in high-paying fields.

Best of all, you can choose to continue on to college or a technical school or go straight to work at better-than-average wages.

According to a recent study by UWF's HAAS Center, CHOICE graduates can expect to earn over $298,000 more in their lifetime, compared to "regular" high school graduates -- even if they don't continue on to college.

If you do decide to pursue a college degree, the skills and certifications you've earned through the CHOICE program will not only make your coursework easier, they'll net you better part-time jobs, so you can work your way through school.

Many of the CHOICE classes qualify for the weighted 5-point scale, just like Honors classes.

So what are you waiting for? Check out the CHOICE programs and see which institute is right for you.

Helpful Information

2016-2017 CTE courses that meet the Practical Arts High School Graduation Requirement

CTE Program Information (pdf)

Industry Certifications with State Articulation Agreements for college credit

Florida Bright Futures Scholarship Information

2016-2017 High School Programs by School

2016-2017 Middle School Programs by School

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